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Become an instructor

Have you ever wished you could own a martial arts school and become an Instructor?

We at CHI COMBAT SYSTEM can make that dream come true for you ! You do not have to have a black belt in our or any other art in order to start an “ Instructors Programme” . You will train in a rapidly expanding Martial Arts Organization that gives their Instructors a fair deal rather than exploiting them which has almost become the norm in other organisations.

You will first have to join as a member so we can assess your level . You will be your own boss and Grand Master Allison ( Founder ) will train you personally , teaching you how you can attain superior self defence skills , teaching skills and the knowledge of helping others to become more confident and more healthy in this exiting profession.

You will start with the basics, teaching beginner adults and children and you will develop over time as well as growing your very OWN school .

Are you already a school owner – with a martial arts organization at present and unhappy with paying high fees to them? Unacceptable – just leave and get treated the fair way you deserve to be treated.

If you have had previous experience in the martial arts, it will be put to good use. If you haven`t than we can teach you the core essentials that even some experienced martial arts Instructors do not know about since we combine several systems into one .

Not only will you learn deep knowledge in martial arts skills . You will also learn how to run a school in a very efficient manner and become a professional in a true sense!

Fed up with getting up at the crack of dawn, struggling to get to work – a job that only pays the bills but doesn’t satisfy the mind ? As a martial arts instructor you can work afternoons with children and evenings with adults (for example). It’s fewer hours than with an ordinary job – but a much higher level of satisfaction! Teaching Kids good behaviour, discipline, character development and defence against bullies. Teaching adults to combat the fear of a street attack, combat stress and attain a healthier body through exercise are just some of the rewards for a martial arts Instructor.

If you have a martial arts school already the switch will be fairly easy and fast. If not, you will be invited to join one of our CCS martial art schools first of all so we can get to know you as an individual and potential future Instructor and CCS School Owner who would represent our art.

CHI COMBAT SYSTEM will teach you all this! There will be no astronomically prized Instructor-Program-fees as is the case with most martial arts Organisations

The only thing we ask from you, when you start up, is not to open a CCS school within a 5 Mile radius from another CCS school in order to avoid unfair competition within our organization.

Curious? Ask for a non-committal talk with Master Allison. The talk and meeting will take place in one of our Martial Arts Schools where we can fully explain all details (see locations on this website).

You will need to come in training gear so we can assess you and arrive at least 10 minutes before class begin. Talking about these prospects with our Founder won`t cost you a penny … and could change your life for the BETTER !

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