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Articles featuring Grand-Master Ralph Allison (Dojunim / Founder of CHI COMBAT SYSTEM)

Grand-Master Allison appeared in the magazines seen below. The Front Cover Article below appeared in ‘Martial Arts Illustrated (MAI)’ Magazine for Chi Combat System©. Please click on Front Cover image to enlarge ALL pdf files and to read article.

Martial Arts Illustrated, September 2009

Martial Arts Illustrated, September 2009 Do you get the feeling that a lot of Martial Arts styles are “stuck in a rut”? CHI COMBAT SYSTEM was created as a fresh approach combining all that is useful (and practical) from several of the most popular styles known in the world today. So, perhaps what you are reading in this article may well be … the next step in MARTIAL ARTS EVOLUTION!
(Click here to read the text only article)

JLS celebrity-singer visits Chi Combat System … and … CCS is praised by local Sutton Guardian Newspaper – May 2012

CHI COMBAT SYSTEM had 2 articles in May 2012 in the local Sutton Guardian . The editor highlights the value for self defence on the streets as provided by our martial arts system. In the same month celebrity singer Oritse Williams from famous band JLS visited CHI COMBAT SYSTEM to see his sister Naomi grade for her next belt ( Yellow ). All agreed : CHI COMBAT SYSTEM certainly has the X-Factor . Click on the photo to access both articles in detail …

Sutton Guardian Article

Below are older magazines of which the first 2 were Front-Cover features as well. Since starting our new art Chi Combat System© some of the movements, principles and general outlook have been altered and improved. These old articles now only serve as photographic evidence and an indicator of the way Master Allison at the time (now: Grand Master Allison) changed from these art forms to the new system. Look out for more on Chi Combat System© in future publications (as seen above).

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  • Although I can see various similar points between TKD and the Chi Combat System©, I found training in CCS put...


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