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Foreword by Dojunim ( means = Founder ) Master Allison – the creator of Chi Combat System©

I have seen many people from other styles suffer from their unhealthy lock-out and semi-lockout techniques. I found our system to be the only one being not only totally safe for the student but also health-enhancing. No other style has the same health benefits as Chi Combat System© at the same time giving you street self defence: See below what other people have to say about our art, how it helped them, gave them more confidence – even positively changed their lives! Read on and be amazed at those very personal testimonials.

Rachel Judd, Mother of Jonah writes:

I would like to say a big thank you to Master Allison and everyone who has taught Jonah over the past few years. Jonah and a friend were mugged at the weekend and Jonah was able to defend both of them admirably. He showed confidence and bravery, but also restraint and self control. The chief mugger was left in a worse state and I am very proud of him – as are the police.
A few years ago, Jonah wouldn’t have had a clue what to do, but now, thanks to CHI COMBAT SYSTEM, I feel less worried about him being out alone. I just hope that if I find myself in the same position, I have Jonah alongside! Thank you again!>

Mr Edward Ramsey is on an Instructor Program and writes:

I strongly can say this martial art CHI COMBAT SYSTEM is a money saver compared to others, you can come to the lessons any amount of times per week so you`re getting your money’s worth (some martial arts only do 1 lesson per week for that amount that I looked at)!

It’s a great & friendly atmosphere and the age is mixed (there is also separate classes for children if you wish) you`re mostly working with a new sparring partner so it does not get boring and Master Ralph Allison (Founder) is extremely helpful! The Grading is a great experience with no over the top pressure.

With my time learning at this Sutton martial arts school, I found the lessons to be fun, exciting and most of all boosting my self confidence – being out at night and knowing I can defend myself with a system that actually works. I now realize I really can achieve anything when I put my mind to it. Now if I get threatened once again with a knife I know the principles of what to do if the worst comes to the worst. I like to thank Master Ralph Allison and the other Instructors for teaching me CHI COMBAT SYSTEM martial arts that is truly enjoyable and that is not stuck in one rigid old-fashioned “confined” style.

Testimonial by Michel Croz ( Instructor in Switzerland )

I had tried different Martial arts in my youth, Judo and Karate . Back in 2006 in London I once experienced a dangerous situation coming back form work and I then decided to try again. I remembered the competitive elements of the clubs I practised in and I wanted to find something different: I met Dojunim Master Allison and really I can say through the club structure I managed to succeed beyond expectations as the training and the family elements became essentials to my well being. Later on when I left Britain I decided to operate a school in Geneva -Switzerland for the initial benefit of my family which opened a new challenge in the way I practised and lived CCS. CCS has become an important part of my life.>

Mr Darren Langan writes:

Since I have joined CCS, I have felt my quality of life improve no end! I attend class 3 times a week (minimum) and the health benefits are astounding. I’m fitter, healthier and my stamina has increased. I can only imagine how great the benefits will be as I progress up to the higher belts!

It really is a pleasure to learn from Master Allison, his teaching techniques are simple, clear and concise, and soundly based in logic and experience.

Dr. S. Mohiud-Din is a medical doctor, whose daughter trains with us, writes:

Since (my daughter’s) attendance to your classes her concentration, self-esteem, and confidence has improved TREMENDOUSLY. She feels extremely happy as a result of this. As parents we are grateful to you, Master Allison, for providing an excellent service to the residents of South London and the surrounding area.

4th Dan TKD Mr Martignetti who changed over to our system because of its health aspects writes:

Although I can see various similar points between TKD and the Chi Combat System©, I found training in CCS put a lot less strain on my knees which was a concern I had when I trained in my former martial art. I can certify that – from a training point of view – Chi Combat System© is a far more healthy art. Furthermore I find Master Allison’s schools have a friendly spirit and a great atmosphere as well.